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Welcome to the official Nokta Dealers page for Nokta Detectors South Africa. Dive deep into the world of treasure hunting and uncover hidden secrets with our range of Nokta Metal Detectors, Nokta Gold Detectors, and other top-of-the-line Nokta Metal Detecting Gear. Renowned for their impeccable precision, our detectors are the tools of choice for enthusiasts and gold prospectors alike.

Why Choose Nokta Detectors from our Dealer Network?

  • Authenticity: As the leading Nokta Dealer in the region, our products are genuine, ensuring you receive only the best.
  • Coverage: With a growing Nokta Dealer Network, we’ve established a presence across South Africa and Southern Africa. Whether you’re in the Western Cape, Johannesburg, or even Zimbabwe, there’s a trusted Nokta Detectors Dealer near you.
  • Expertise: Each dealer on our list is equipped with comprehensive knowledge about Nokta products, ensuring you get the right tool for your needs.

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Nokta Metal and Gold Detectors are available in South Africa and Southern Africa through carefully selected dealers. Contact Us to join our growing Nokta dealer network. If you can’t find a dealer near you, Contact Us.


John Guthrie
Shop 19 Lion’s Square, Main Road, Somerset West, 7130
Tel: 086 123 SHOP | 086 123 7467
WhatsApp: +27609553049
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[email protected]
Stocking Shop & Online Dealer

Chris Twine
37 Highgrove, Tokai Road, Cape Town, 7945
021 330 5015
[email protected]
Stocking Shop & Online Dealer

Shop 4, The Flags@Circle5 Building, Somerset Mall, Somerset West, 7130
021 851 3284
[email protected]
Online Dealer

Wolfgang Roux
9 Aalwyn Street, Sonstraal, Durbanville, 7550
021 976 5466
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Stocking Shop & Online Dealer

3 & 5 Bowwood Road, Claremont, 7708
021 671 9673
[email protected]
Stocking Shop & Online Dealer


Jacques Bezuidenhout
976 Justice Mahomed St, Brooklyn, Pretoria
083 250 8995 | 082 784 2614
[email protected]
Online Dealer


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Ponta Scuba Shop
Ben van der Linde
North Beach Road, Ponto do Ouro, Mozambique
+258 84 701 8776
[email protected]
Stocking Shop


Gold Detectors Zambia
Mousa Lyatitima
Shop No. C 18, Cha Cha Cha Road, Town Center, Zambia
+260 97 763 9155
GDZAM Facebook
Stocking Shop


Gold Detectors Zimbabwe
Millicent Chipfunde Magaya
Harare, Zimbabwe
+263 77 656 1688
GDZIM Facebook
Stocking Shop


Gold Detectors Congo
Kinshasa, Congo DRC
+243 999 409 182
GDCONGO Facebook
Stocking Shop

The Fascination of Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is not just a hobby; it’s a journey into the past, an adventure waiting to happen, a treasure hunt in the real world. Whether you’re combing the beaches of the Western Cape, exploring the historical sites in Johannesburg, or diving deep into the untouched terrains of Southern Africa, every beep of the detector promises a story, a relic, a piece of history.

Metal detectors, especially from the trusted brand of Nokta, are precision tools designed for enthusiasts who seek to uncover hidden mysteries lying just beneath our feet. From coins and artifacts to old jewelry, there’s always something waiting to be discovered. If you’re an archeology buff, a history lover, or just someone who loves the thrill of discovery, metal detecting is a rewarding hobby to dive into.

The Allure of Gold Prospecting

Southern Africa is a land blessed with rich mineral resources, and gold stands out as the most coveted of them all. Countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, and Mozambique have vast landscapes teeming with gold prospects. And for the modern-day gold rush enthusiast, a gold detector is their compass, pointing them towards potential fortunes.

Nokta Gold Detectors are more than just tools; they are your trusted partners in the challenging yet rewarding world of gold prospecting. Designed with precision and advanced technology, they can sense gold nuggets even in the most challenging terrains and depths. Whether you’re a seasoned gold prospector or a newbie looking to start, having a reliable gold detector is the key to success.

Why Southern Africa?

The diverse landscapes of Southern Africa, from its vast plains to its rugged mountains and serene coastlines, make it a playground for metal detecting and gold prospecting enthusiasts. The region’s rich history, combined with its abundant natural resources, promises both adventure and potential rewards.

Furthermore, the popularity of metal and gold detecting in Southern Africa has given birth to a community of like-minded individuals. Joining this community, sharing stories, tips, and finds, adds another layer of richness to the experience.

Detect with Confidence: Your Nokta Detector Awaits

As the official online hub for Nokta Detectors South Africa, we’re passionate about fueling your adventures and aiding your quests. We understand the pulse of the detecting community, the thrill of the find, and the joy of unearthing treasures, be it a historical artifact or a gold nugget. So, gear up, explore the terrains of Southern Africa, and let every beep of your Nokta Detector be the prologue to a new story. Happy hunting!